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Austin Books-Comics & Science Fiction

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Product Lines Stocked: New Comics, Back Issue Comics, Small Press Comics, Imported Comics, Manga Comics, Golden Age Comics, Silver Age Comics, Graphic Novels, TPB's, Magazines, Imported Magazines, Non-Sports Cards, CCG's, Magic, Comic Supplies, T-Shirts/Apparel, Fiction Books, Non-Fiction Books, Prints/Posters, Statues/Models, Action Figures, New Toys, Imported Toys

Online Order Capabilities: Yes, via Email

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Debit

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6:00 PM
11:00 AM
7:00 PM
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Austin Books expanded to 4100sf in 11/03. We have added over 27 new shelves for comics, manga and graphic novels. We greatly increased our displays for international works, reference material, how to draw books and others. We host in store events often. Check out the website or join our email list for updates. We have a yearly sale the weekend (Friday - Sunday) before Thanksgiving with 50% off backstock (from almost 1000 boxes) and a GN/TPB clearance (it's a quantity thing - not a quality thing). We have won the Best of Austin: Best Comic Shop award from the Austin Chronicle 13 times.

Store Review:
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  1. Austin Books is by far the best comic shop I've ever been to. I don't live in Austin, but sometimes I make the hour-long drive to go there. The store is very large and well-lit, and all of the current comics are organized by category instead of publisher. They have a huge selection, especially in the back issues. The store layout is roomy, and the last time I went there they had just expanded so now there's plenty of room to browse. They also have a really impressive collection of Golden, Atom, and Silver Age comics. Most of the staff is really friendly, but you usually have to ask before they will help you. The store is big, so it's easy to get lost! But I never feel uncomfortable there and I almost always find the books I was looking for. Overall, this store is awesome and well worth a road trip. If I lived in Austin, I'd go there every Wednesday!

  2. Austin books is the store I tend to go to when I want to find a TPB or pick up some recent back issues that my normal store doesn't have. They have a great selection of trades and independent press books; they also have a large selection of trading cards (including sports) and paperback fantasy, sci-fi, crime, and horror. Probably the best place in town to pick up some H.P. Lovecraft stuff. They also have the best selection of statues in town. Anything I don't pre-order, I usually end up purchasing here. The staff is very friendly and very knowledgeable about the books they sell. I went in the other day looking for Definition and Potential by Ariel Schrag, without remembering either her name or the titles - they were able to direct me to where their last copy had just been (they had sold out of it) and then offered to reorder it for me. The store is a little small and cramped at times (especially when they have signings. John Cassaday and John Lucas most recently), but all in all it is an excellent store.

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