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Fat Jack's Comicrypt

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Product Lines Stocked: New Comics, Back Issue Comics, Small Press Comics, Manga Comics, Silver Age Comics, Graphic Novels, TPB's, Magazines, CCG's, RPG's, Comic Supplies, Gaming Supplies

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PLEASE NOTE: The views expressed here are not those of THE MASTER LIST, but rather, those of people who have visited the store listed above. Please take all opinions expressed here at the value of what they are: opinions.

  1. Some good, mostly bad. The Good: a Sizable back issue section which takes up at least a 1/4 of their space, and is second in the area only to Showcase Comics Bryn Mawr. A larger then average adult section. An employee's pics system. The Bad: a lot. They've tried to cram too much into too little space, especially their adult/ independent section, which has little to no organization or accessibility. You must check bags (and I mean MUST, they will jump on you for it). Their new comics racks don't support any independents. Here's the baddy: their employees (and managers) have a well deserved reputation for being unpleasent. On Free Comic Book day they only offered free comics to customers already making purchases, which is completely against the idea of the event. Summary: just find the back issues you're looking for and get the hell out of there.

  2. A large, long-lasting store. They carry a good variety of material (including imported, non-translated manga and a few minicomics), but they may be a bit overwhelmed by what they've got. The trade paperback/graphic novel sections were often messy, with too many books on the shelves. The way they were displayed, cover out and overlapping, made it hard to recognize what you were looking at. Both I and a shop employee wound up knocking books on the floor while trying to find a particular title. The aisles are a bit too close together, meaning you can't see what's on the bottom two shelves without bending over or stooping. You have to pass through the adult section to get to the alternatives, unfortunately. (I don't have anything against adult comics, but I think a customer should have a choice whether to view them.) They won't let you open any of the back issue comics, meaning you may have to wait at busy times to get an employee's time and attention. All back issues are at least 25 cents over cover price; come here for the range of the back stock, not good deals. You'll also want to wash your hands after shopping here, since it's near impossible to keep this many back issues clean. Service could be friendlier, but hey, it's a big city.

  3. Very organized. Wish they had a web site. I moved out of P.A., and it would be more convenient to see what comics are available.

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