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Atomic City Comics (Showcase Comics)

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Product Lines Stocked: New Comics, Back Issue Comics, Small Press Comics, Imported Comics, Manga Comics, Silver Age Comics, Graphic Novels, TPB's, Magazines, Imported Magazines, Non-Sports Cards, CCG's, RPG's, Pokemon, Magic, Comic Supplies, Gaming Supplies, T-Shirts/Apparel, Prints/Posters, Statues/Models, Action Figures, New Toys, Imported Toys, Music CD's/Tapes, Anime Videos, DVD/VHS Movies

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  1. I frequently buy my books from Showcase Comics on South Stret in Philly and I'm never disappointed. They always have books on stock that other shops don't have. They're friendly and always wiling to help out. The managers will take time out and help you even if the store is packed wall to wall fulla customers. They don't appeal to just the gamers, but to the comic collector or newbie as well. I'd suggest (to one of the other reviewers) that you go there again to watch those guys in action.

  2. I live in Philly and frequent the store often. I did in my travels vist others shops in the city and in comparison, Showcase is a shop that cares. Yes, they make you check your bags, but South Street, belive it or not, is a place like any other & they have had a theif or two. So you have to check your bag. No problem. South Street would make you check your bag if you could steal a parking meter, and you would pick it up after you left the block. Its a diverse place South Street is. They love the graphic novel at Showcase. A wall about 7' tall and 11' long carries there grapich novels and TPB's. They have both a indy wall and a vertigo wall, for those that go for the darker and/or more non-mainstream comics. Showcase Comics staff cares & they can find you what you want. I sent about three stores on a chase, looking for one RPG source book (Heavy Gear Duleist Handbook) and about 5 months later (it was a real hard book to find & the company that made it didn't support it any more) Showcase won! And on top of that, the other stores said they couldn't find it. Showcase has theme days during the week & Sunday is Magic day. Once a month they have a pizza party, in conjunction with the new month's Previews, the comic guide to whats coming out. Saturday is games day - Warhammer and 40k or whatever mini game you like. I like Heavy Gear mini. Showcase also have a D&D day once a month with the local rpga(role playing gamers association). They also have a subscriber program where they pull comics for you off the self on new comic day(Wed), and have them hot and fresh when you arrive. So if you want any-thing, I would suggest going there first. If they don' have it & if they can't find it, no one can.

  3. The store is clean and well lit, shelves are well-stocked with titles organized alphabetically. Trades and graphic novels are easily accessible, and organized by company. The staff seems friendly enough. The good: The gaming/RPG section is confined to one half of the store, comics and GNs the other. Though divided by a wall, both sections have easy view of the counter. The not so good: There is a bag-check policy. While I don't mind it personally, others might.

  4. They're half comics, half games. The store layout is ok, but it was annoying to find one Saturday morning that they don't keep their posted hours (we were there at opening, but they weren't). Like many stores in that area, they make you check your bag at the door. When I asked them about certain comics I was looking for, they kept saying "we don't carry that, it didn't sell." (Specifically, I was asking about Antarctic Press and import comics.) Everything seemed to be someone else's fault -- I didn't preorder (hard to do, not living there) or the distributor was late shipping to them or Cold Cut was in California. It's a nice place to stop in if you're already on South Street, but I wouldn't bother making a trip or having high expectations about finding what you're looking for there. Seems to primarily cater to gamers and preorder customers.

    Shop Owner Rebuttal: I'd like to say we're sorry to the person who visited the store and was dissapointed with our selection of the antartic press line. However we didn't mean to imply that everything was someone else's fault. The sad story is we can't stock everything at all times. We usually give a title at least five months before we cut it down. The titles that we didn't have at the time had not just not sold. We ordered two copies over our usual order for five months and at the end of five months we had 10 unsold copies so the order got cut. We always try to have the things people want, but sometimes things sell out. If you don't live in the area or are just passing through there's not much we can do. Sorry.

  5. This store is, at best, mediocre. If you live in Philadelphia (as I do) or are on South St. for some other reason, then stop by for a look. Although new books are well displayed, as are recent titles, the store often sells out quickly of new books that may be mildly popular. A really, really hot advance item they have many of and a completely dead title they order a few issues. For the in between books, good luck. There are several trades and graphic novels, but few hardcovers or hard to find items that you couldn't get normally from other sources. They have very few statues or busts. The staff isn't terribly professional. While they certainly love comics, the staff isn't very knowledgeable. The store stocks a modest amount of back issues, and although the staff believes they are knowledgeable concerning grading and pricing, are generally ignorant of current trends in the marketplace. I can't recommend this store for visitors, but if you live in Philly, then Showcase/Atomic City is a better bet than other local stores.

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