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Captain Comic - New Hyde Park

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Product Lines Stocked: New Comics, Back Issue Comics, Graphic Novels, TPB's, Magazines, Comic Supplies, T-Shirts/Apparel, Statues/Models, Action Figures, Vintage Toys

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6:00 PM
11:00 AM
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  1. The shop is a bit of a hole in the wall, but if I miss a issue or need a new or independent, they will have them. On one of my visits I observed the guy lose 100 bucks in sales because he was going by Overstreet, or by what he thought was a good price (which happened to be way over Overstreet). If you can find a back issue (because the shop is so cluttered and unorganized even the owner cant find you what your looking for), it's likely to be overgraded for the price he wants for it. Nothing is priced so if your shopping around for a back issue you need to come with a copy of Overstreet or Wizard. Half the lights in the shop don't work, or go on and off randomly and there was no air conditioning on 90 degree days because the owner refused to get it fixed all summer. The owner is a nice guy, but all of the above reasons make this shop the last stop if I'm looking for a new issue I missed, and I wont even consider it for back issues. [9/11/07]

  2. Please note that none of the comics are priced and all prices will be looked up in Wizard Magazine. [7/17/06]

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