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Mighty KC's

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Product Lines Stocked: New Comics, Back Issue Comics, Magazines, Comic Supplies, Action Figures, New Toys

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Credit Cards Accepted: Visa

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  1. Mighy KCs had a 50 percent off sale today and like most comic fans eager to get a deal, I went and took my daughter. They opened at noon and by 12:30, the store was packed with comic fans and kids. That's when I noticed the smell of cigarette smoke in the air. I went to the counter to see if the store employee could tell whoever it was to stop, and it turns out, it was the owner. Proudly puffing away just a few feet from all those kids, all that paper and one very agitated old lady who stood next to him waving her hands all around trying to disburse the smoke. I told the guy at the counter, in a voice loud enough for the smoker to hear, "You're doing your customers a great disservice by allowing smoking in this store." He looked up at me and in an apologetic tone, said "It's not my decision." Then, he threw a glance back at the old guy smoking and said, "That's the owner." To begin with, even though the store had a hefty collection of back issues, their current stuff was minimal. They had just a few DC trade paperbacks and some Marvel TBPs. The current issues were strictly DC and Marvel. They didn't carry any alternative or Anime comics, both hot sellers today. But forget all that. In Maryland, I thought the law was that you cannot smoke in a place of business. Apparently, this guy doesn;t think it applies to him. Even if you are allowed to smoke, why couldn't this guy take it outside. It was a nice day. But noooo. This owner needs to understand the meaning of keeping the customer happy. [10/29/05]

  2. Good amount of back issues. Not too much small press stuff though - new or old. Unfortunately the two guys behind the counter were pretty much the Simpsons' Comic Book Guy stereotype. They were arguing the finer points of the "Mirror, Mirror" episode of Star Trek without acknowledging anyone who walked in the store.

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