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Pet Shop Comics & Collectibles

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Product Lines Stocked: New Comics, Back Issue Comics, Small Press Comics, Imported Comics, Manga Comics, Golden Age Comics, Silver Age Comcis, Graphic Novels, TPB's, Magazines, Imported Magazines, Sports Cards, Sports Memorabilia, Non-Sports Cards, CCG's, RPG's, Pokemon, Magic, Comic Supplies, Gaming Supplies, T-Shirts/Apparel, Prints/Posters, Statues/Models, Action Figures, New Toys, Vintage Toys, Imported Toys

Online Order Capabilities: Yes, via Email

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, Mastercard

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Monthly Games Workshop tournaments, weekly card tournaments.

Store Review:
PLEASE NOTE: The views expressed here are not those of THE MASTER LIST, but rather, those of people who have visited the store listed above. Please take all opinions expressed here at the value of what they are: opinions.

Located just outside of the Louisville city limits in Bullitt County, visitors to Pet Shop Comics will be making a bit of a journey out to the shop...unless you live in Hillview. Luckily, Rick and Jeannie, owners of the store, make it worth your buck to drive the extra distance through a few things they offer that you can't really get at other Louisville locations due to the sheer size and space they are afforded at their suburban location. While most stores in the area are modest in size, Pet Shop has a retail side of the store that dwarfs other stores in the area, as well as a second 'room' that is in actuality the same size as the retail area. All said, the store in total is about the size of a Sav-A-Lot, Food Lion, or a small Kroger, which is pretty big for a comic shop in most cases. As a result, the extra 'room' is used extensively for gaming and tournaments of several card and tabletop varieties. While I personally don't get into gaming and generally am annoyed by the people participating in it (especially tweens and the Pokemon generation), Pet Shop seems to cater towards clientele of all ages through offerings of Warhammer and various World War and Civil War era games. There are literally always people playing in the spare room and they have some very elaborate setups. It is pretty awe inducing, honestly, even for a person not into gaming. I would certainly say gaming is big strength for the store from my observations. Furthermore, on the last Saturday of each month the store is open all night to accommodate gaming if you are into that sort of thing.

Back to comics. Rick boasts that he has the biggest back issue selection in the state, and I have to say I believe this to be true having visited other shops around the state other than a few outliers. While most back issues do experience some mark-up, the store gives 10% on all comic book purchases everyday to offset this mark-up at least. Furthermore, Pet Shop periodically has same very big sales where you can find issues from anywhere to 50-75% off, which is very nice if you are a back issue collector given that this is the store with the largest volume of issues to choose from when you please. So, if you know there is no way you're going to pay $20 for an Authority (I definitely wouldn't), just wait for a sale and get it for $10 or $5. With an extensive back issue selection of DC and Marvel to choose from, as well as many Western and War titles that are pretty old. Ultimately, I would have to say his back issue selection is a strength in volume at least, even if he may not consistently have keys you might be looking for simply because someone beat you to them, ultimately.

As far as new comics are concerned, the same 10% discount applies on purchases. Additionally, it is possible to receive 20% on new comic purchases for the week on Wednesdays if customers choose to mail in their wants for the week on Monday to Pet Shop's email account. This is not compounded on top of the 10%, simply raised to 20% total, which is not bad for new comics. Pet Shop does not offer the traditional pull list, as far as I know, but there is this option that I appreciate. The store does offer a good selection of Indy titles for anyone wondering, also. As far as trades and graphic novels go, the store does usually get in new graphic novels as they come out, but don't count on being able to find some that have been out for a while. The store still has plenty in stock, but not necessarily as full of a selection as other stores you might come across. Not a strength of the store weighed against other things it has to offer. Ultimately, Pet Shop is a pretty good place to fulfill your comic or gaming appetite. I would avoid talking about politics, taxes, or religion at all costs in this place unless you are a conservative, so just a warning. Otherwise, great place to have a happy comic book day. [10/05/10]

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