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Vintage Phoenix Comic Books

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Product Lines Stocked: New Comics, Back Issue Comics, Small Press Comics, Manga Comics, Graphic Novels, TPB's, Comic Supplies, T-Shirts/Apparel, Prints/Posters, Action Figures

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Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express

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5:00 PM
11:00 AM
7:00 PM
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3:00 PM
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Very nice selection of small press books. Good support of local, self-pubbed artists. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Pull lists. Some creators (Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller) are shelved by author name. Not so good, unfortunately, with foreign titles. In fact, the selection is pretty disappointing. The store's a bit too toy-heavy for my tastes, but the toys are mainly in a separate room, away from the comics. Customers tend to be primarily male. Because I'm not female, I can't fully judge how they treat women, but the shop has a woman on staff and I've never seen a woman overtly ogled or harassed as I have in other stores. Frankly, I can't imagine that the owner would put up with it, if he were to hear of it. He's very gracious and friendly and I think he expects the same of his staff.

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