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Lightspeed Hobbies

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Product Lines Stocked: New Comics, Back Issue Comics, Small Press Comics, Graphic Novels, TPB's, Magazines, CCG's, RPG's, Magic, Comic Supplies, Gaming Supplies, Prints/Posters, Statues/Models, Action Figures, New Toys. Miniature War Games

Online Order Capabilities: Yes, via Email

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

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6:00 PM
11:00 AM
8:00 PM
11:00 AM
8:00 PM
11:00 AM
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Owner/Employee Info/Comments:
Northwest Indiana's best source for Comics, Games & Toys! Lightspeed Hobbies is the best place for players and collectors to go for all of your comics, games & toys in Northwest Indiana. We carry Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, IDW and a host of other comics from other independent publishers. We also carry a wide assortment of Dungeons & Dragons (RPG & Minis) White Wolf, Palladium Books, Eden Studios, Fanpro and others. We love Board Games here at the store! That's why we carry Avalon Hill, Mayfair Games, Rio Grande Games, Days of Wonder, Out of the Box Publishing and Playroom Entertainment Games. We're no strangers to card games (CCG & Non CCG)! We carry Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Munchkin, Ninja Burger, Zombies, Grave Robbers, Lunch Money, Cthulhu 500 & Pirates! Some of our favorite games are miniature based Wargames like Warmachine, Confrontation, Heroclix, Mechwarrior, D&D Miniatures, Star Wars Miniatures and Battletech! We also carry the full line of Reaper paints and miniatures as well as painting & modelling supplies. We understand the collector's and the player's needs! That's why we carry a wide variety of card & comic collecting supplies, such as bags, boards, boxes, deck protectors, card cases and deck boxes. We are currently hosting tournaments and special events at the store and they are posted in our online calendar for public view. We offer a printer friendly version of our events calendar if you would like to print out your own copy!

Store Review:
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Owner/operator Mike Hansen has worked in the comics business for at least 15 years & has recently opened his own store. Lightspeed Hobbies staff is kind, courteous and ready to assist a costumer at any time. Mike and his staff will do everything possible to fulfill any request made by a customer. The store is very kid friendly. I strongly suggest you come here first before visiting any of the other shops in the area. [11/26/06]

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