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Tenth Planet

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Product Lines Stocked: New Comics, Back Issue Comics, Graphic Novels, TPB's, Magazines, Comic Supplies, T-Shirts/Apparel, Statues/Models

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Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, Mastercard

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6:00 PM
11:00 AM
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PLEASE NOTE: The views expressed here are not those of THE MASTER LIST, but rather, those of people who have visited the store listed above. Please take all opinions expressed here at the value of what they are: opinions.

If I was to think of an ideal comic shop, this one would be pretty darn close. Let's start with look and feel of the store. Large store that is bright and extremely well organized. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable about basically any product in the store. I can't stress how enjoyable it is to be patron of a store where the owner or employees read/use the product they are selling.

Now onto the product.
1) Newer Comics: The shop has a large selection of new/newer comics located on racks along the walls of the store. These are organized by DC, DC Offshoots (e.g. Wildstorm, etc.), Image, Marvel, and Independents. New comics are labeled as such, making them easy to locate.
2) Back Issues: There are long boxes with back issues located in the center of the store. Mostly contained are newer comics (maybe 90% are from 2000 and up). I think that every so often they remove some of the newer rack issues that may be 6-8 months old, bag/board them and put them in the back issue bins. Prices for the newer back issues are about $.25 to .$.50 of list. There is not a selection of anything older than bronze age books (and those are limited). For me, this is the one thing that makes this store just shy of being an ideal comic shop. But I totally get that older back issues take up space and may not move as quickly as other items. Plus one needs to acquire old issues up front with the hopes of recouping the cost later.
3) Graphic Novels: A nice selection of graphic novels ranging from current hardcovers (including items like Marvel's Omnibus books), soft covers from DC, Marvel, and Independents, and Manga. They have a graphic novel punch card. Buy ten trades and get one valued at $19.99 or less for free. It's a nice incentive that makes me want to support the local store as opposed to shopping at Amazon.
4) Supplies: Boxes, boards, drawer boxes, etc.It's all there.
5) Statues/busts: A very nice selection of statues and busts. They are all on display in bright glass cases. Most are priced at regular retail price (with the exception of some statues that are out of production - these are listed slightly higher).
6) T-shirts: The store has a wide variety of t-shirts. There are some character logos that I wouldn't have even thought a shirt was made for. Prices are very reasonable.

This store offers a subscription service. There is no cost to join, but one does not receive a discount unless they hit certain pull quantities. 15 to 24 monthly comics per month garners a 10% discount. 25 or more comics per month garners a 15% discount. This discount is applicable to everything in the store. Overall, a very nice store due to selection of newer comics and a friendly/helpful staff. [8/06/08]

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