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Midgard Comics

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Product Lines Stocked: New Comics, Back Issue Comics, Graphic Novels, TPB's

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Small store with limited stock. They have new/newer comics on racks along one wall. These comics are primarily Marvel and DC. Their back issue selection consist of recently released comics (within the last 5 years). There are maybe 20 older (bronze/silver age) books available. They are located behind the counter and hung at the top of wall beam. Pricing on those appeared in line with other sources. Decent graphic novel selection (again mostly marvel and DC). They also have a rack with collected runs or mini-series from recently released books. Pricing is discounted from the cover price.

An okay store...but I guess it's the only store of it's kind in the surround area (small towns) and probably serves it's purpose just fine. Casual comic buyer may want to check it out if you're down there. Hardcore comic buyers would probably find it not worth the time. call to confirm that they are open. I've gone before when the owner is "out to lunch". [8/06/08]

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