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Other Odds & Ends

This is the place for stuff that doesn't quite fit elsewhere on the site.

Here is a promotional flyer that you may use if you wish to help pass the word about TML. The image shown here is a low res version, and not really suitable for printing. The full size, high res image can be obtained by clicking here.
Thanks for your support!

TML Flyer

Below is a picture of your humble host & webmaster of The Master List in his native environment - in front of a computer! *grin*

This photo was taken at my place of employment while performing some of my I.S. duties. My primary job function is Head Graphics Designer for a large electrical sign company, but being the most computer savvy person there, I'm also the I.S. Manager for the company. Forgive my rather stern look, but I was caught off guard, & yet this is probably still one of the better photos of me.

Me in my native environment

Next up is a photo of my comic book collection. I'm now up to over 100 long boxes . . and don't see any end to it's growth in the foreseeable future.

My comic book collection

In the upper left of the photo above, you'll see my bookshelf peaking over the top of the boxes. It houses my TPB's, GN, magazine format books, and other odds & ends. The next photo shows these shelves.

My comic book collection

That's all for now. I may add some more pics later. Thanks for visiting, & I hope you have a GREAT day!!

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