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Comics e Dintorni

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Product Lines Stocked: New Comics, Imported Comics, Manga Comics, Graphic Novels, Magazines, Pokemon, Magic, T-Shirts/Apparel, Prints/Posters

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I came to Italy to get a vast selection of comics and as a first stop on what I expected would be a long journey I decided to scope out the situation as it was in Florence. This was the first store I found, and as it turns out, the only store I had to go to for my first collection! While getting there by bus at first was a little challenge, I found it again easily. The store was located under an apartment complex and was very clean and groccery-store like. The guy who ran it was wary at first as I struggled to tell him with signs and bad Italian about my mission, but once he understood, he gleefully ran me around his store to get his favorite books and best examples of each style (of which there seemed countless!), including my now favorite GN, the beautiful and classic '5 is the Perfect Number'. When I thought I wouldn't like a book, he wasn't pushy. He just slowly came to understand my particular style and came up with new ones until we agreed I had a good start. The assortment of awesome hard cover books from Italy was overwhelming. Their American selection was decidedly and not unexpectedly slim, but who cares? This is a place to get several amazing European books with varying styles without needing to attend the expensive Angouleme, France comic festival. And all while avoiding the over-advertised Disney and Bonelli comics monopolies. Finally, as a comic artist myself, I asked if he would trade for my own book, which I was carrying, and he was happy (probably because of the pile I was already purchasing) to do so. It was an unforgettable comic book experience, more pleasant than most stores I've been to in the United States and I highly urge anyone in the Florence/Sienna area to drop by and check it out. [9/10/05]

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