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  1. Yes, the staff is friendly, the shop big, etc. Yet it's not Paris' equivalent to London's Forbidden Planet. There is a room dedicated to TPBs in English (there's another one for TPBs in French, and Mangas in French/ English), but all you see there is spines, ordered by "genres" : all Spiderman, all X-Men, all DC, etc, which can be confusing (Transmetropolitan on one side, but Stormwatch on the other). They don't have every TPB for a particular series, however popular, and their indie section (TopShelf, Oni, Kitchen Sink, etc) is far, far too small. Expect to find gems, but don't expect to find what you're looking for.

  2. All new comics/TPB/HC/GN in English and French editions, with new comics are on the shelves on Thursday. Average amount of backissues, from mostly the last decade. Friendly service, clean store, and English is spoken. Ask them for items missing from the bins, as they've more in the basement's supplies. Good TPB/GN selection. Open most Sunday afternoons BUT it's better to check by phone first, as they can rarely be closed. Fair prices compared to online-stores orders w/international shipping: Flat ratio is FRF 9 per USD 1 (i.e. a $3 tag price is paid 27 FRF or 4 EUROS). 5% discount thru frequent user card. One of the most famous comics store in Paris, and they have several other Album stores dedicated to european comics.

    -"Metro" subway, line 10, stations Cluny (closest) or Maubert + 1mn afoot
    -"Metro" subway, line 4, stations Saint-Michel + 5mn afoot
    -"RER" subway, line B, station Saint-Michel-Notre-Dame + 5mns afoot

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