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How Retailers Can Help TML

The Master List is a FREE service provided to the comics & cards communities, serving 10,000+ NEW & UNIQUE visitors every month.

It is intended to be a useful tool for retailers, as a source for helping new customers in finding your stores, whether you are in a city they may be traveling to, or through, and even if you are in their own backyard. When a customer goes looking for a new place to shop, the most common thing to do is look in the phone book. However, phone books are only printed ~once~ a year, so if you're a new store recently opened, you may not be listed in the current edition. Plus, if they are planning to shop while out of town, they probably don't have access to the phone books of the towns they'll be visiting.

As an added benefit, I offer retailers that do NOT yet have an internet presence, their own spot in the cyberworld with a personalized Profile Page. Those of you already having a website can look to this service as being a "double-shot" of exposure for your store.

It is my hope that TML is a beneficial tool to you. If it is, then I have met some of my goals, though the site is continuing to evolve. I feel there is a lot that still needs to be done to make it an even better resource, and even easier to use.

If you have not known, or picked up from the site, TML is not a "corporate" website. It is, in essence, a "fan" site, operated by one individual . . . me . . . Mark S. Adams, your humble host. No way do I claim to have done it alone though, as I've had many thousands of contributors helping me to try to stay current with the ever changing retail scene. I only mention this to try and explain the reason for this page.

There is no "corporate" money going into this site for development expenses. Instead, I hold down a "regular" job during the days and work on TML in the evenings & weekends. That is, of course, as family & other commitments permit. I have never, and will never, charge any brick & mortar retailer a fee in order to be listed on this site, as another "Shop Locator Service" does.

So . . . How can you help?

A great start would be by contributing information. Look over the listings I have for your local area. If something's not right, let me know so I can get it fixed. Also, be sure to keep YOUR information current by updating me regularly.

You can help by spreading the word about TML. Anytime someone asks where to find a comic/card shop in XYZ town, do me a favor & send them here. Also, if you do have a website, please consider adding a link to this site.

I'd love to hear from you. Drop me an email, or even better, a postcard or letter in the mail (address is below). Knowing that the site is helpful, and appreciated, is with out a doubt what keeps me going, and makes the work all worth it.

If you feel that TML has been of value to you, and helped you make some sales to new customers, please consider donating as a good way to "give-back" a bit.
If you find TML to be a valuable resource, I'd ask that you also consider this: Do you have any old comics laying around you don't want anymore and are considering giving away, or even worse, throwing away? Pass them along to me! I don't care what it is . . . new, old, mint condition, utterly poor condition, major publisher, Indy publisher . . . get it? ANYTHING!! If you don't want it, I do! Toss 'em in a box and send them the absolute cheapest way you can find. If you're in the USA, US Postal "Media Mail" is the cheapest. Depending on the number of books, I'm even willing to split (or pay all of) the shipping costs.

Also, how would you like to get the notice of the thousands of visitors this site gets every month? Please consider Advertising on this site.

To anyone who does any of the above . . . THANK YOU!!

If you wish to send me anything
mentioned above via mail, please
send it to the following address:
Mark S. Adams
5042 Capri Ave.
Sarasota, FL 34235

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