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Moz Magic

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I have been a Moz Magic regular now for about two years. Moz specializes in Magic and is run by Mo. He has thousands and thousands of singles (he says in the hundred thousands) and a ton of sets to buy from -- Unlimited up. People at Moz are very friendly (including me). We will introduce ourselves to you if you're new there and we're a pretty chatty bunch overall. I know when you're new at a place it can be a bit intimidating, but I didn't have that problem at Moz. Another thing that's great about Moz is the variety of ages and genders that play at the store. Mo himself is very helpful, friendly and able to assist people in hunting down cards. He has reference binders for looking up sets and will help you find that card that's on the tip of your tongue. If you're new to Magic, he'll help you learn or make suggestions on how to get started. I have been to several Magic places before and several since but there's a reason that I'm a regular at Moz. I know Orton is kind of in the middle of nowhere, but I will tell you that it is well worth the drive. [12/29/10]

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