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The COIN program is on temporary HOLD - no lists being given out to anyone. It will be this way until I can recreate my "Master" COIN list lost in the recent failure of my hard drive.

COIN: The "Comic/Card Opt-In Network"

Information For Manufacturers-Publishers-Creators & Request Form

  • Are you tired of hunting down addresses of retailers to send your promotional stuff to?
  • Are you tired of trying to keep your list of store info up to date?
  • Do you want to get your promo stuff into the hands of those that actually ~WANT~ it, and stop wasting time & money sending to stores that don't?
  • Are you interested in ~NOT~ creating ill-will, by unknowingly sending out emails to those that hate getting them?
Request a "COIN" retailers list, with pertinent information dependant
upon the type of promotion your doing, and the product line involved.

The primary purpose of "COIN" is to create a central "hub" for the comic book & trading card industries, bringing those wanting promotional materials together with those wanting to send it out. Realize, that while TML's main purpose of even existing is to help potential customers find the retail shops, I know that it is also being used as a marketing tool by many people. By my site simply existing, I've made it easier for people to gather addresses, whether those be postal or electronic.

The question is: Is there a way to make it even easier? How about even more useful, by being highly targeted to those ~wanting~ what you have to send them? The answer to both questions it a resounding YES!. Requesting a list of COIN members information will do just that, as it will be personally tailored to the items you are wishing to send out. No more hunting through the hundreds of pages on TML trying to decide what stores to add to your list & what ones not.

Did you know that there are stores with names such as "So & So Sports Cards" that sell comics? If you were to be marketing a new comic book, would you have added that store to your list while searching through TML? Probably not. If you were marketing a new line of sports cards, you would be faced with an even more daunting task. Just how many of these comic shops also carry sports cards? A lot of them do, but which ones? Let's say that you do gather your own list. How do you keep it maintained & up to date info wise? With all COIN members being a part of TML, that's not going to be ~nearly~ as much of a factor for me, as I'm being constantly informed and updated.

These are just a few of the hundreds of reasons to utilize a COIN list rather than trying to do it yourself. Now that you know why you need to use a COIN list, you probably have two questions at this point. First being, how do you get a list that suits your requirements? The answer to that is easy - simply fill out the REQUEST form below.

And secondly, your probably wondering is there a fee for this service? This is a bit harder to answer. While I provide The Master List as a 100% free service for all to use, there will be some small fee and/or barter arrangement associated with obtaining a COIN list & future updates to it. TML takes a huge investment of my time, and is something I do to help the industry as a whole, expecting nothing in return. Maintaining COIN adds even more work for me. Also, a COIN list will be something that you, as a receiver of one, will be putting to use in an effort to generate additional income, either personally, or for the company you work for. Since the How Creators / Publishers-Manufactures / Retailers / Consumers Can Help pages of my site has done little in generating anything for me, by my maintaining & making COIN available, this is the logical place to look for compensation.

So, since I really have no intent to get rich from this, the fee and/or barter arrangement will be extremely reasonable. It will also be set on a case by case basis, as every requestor's needs and financial situation will be different. "Comp" material will certainly factor into the barter equation, as I am personally an avid comic collector. Talk to me . . . I'm sure we can find mutual ground to work from to fit any needs you may have and financial situation you may be in. The goal is to create a win-win-win situation: where you, the retailers, and I can all benefit by working together as a team.

If you have ANY questions at all, please email me. If you don't have any questions, and have a need, fill out this form & let's start the dialogue going.

COIN was officially launched on May 31st 2002, with additions beginning on June 1st. COIN is still very much in it's infancy. I will keep this area posted with the current number of participating retailers - currently: 179 physical stores.

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Your name

Your Company Name

Your Email Address

Your Website URL

Please tell me a bit about you, and the product(s) you will be promoting. I will review your website, and any other information that you provide. Since I act as a "filter" for all material that will be solicited to the retailers, I do not guarantee that everyone that requests a COIN list will get one. Your ideas regarding a fee and/or barter arrangement that you are comfortable with would be helpful as well. Upon review of your request & information, I will contact you at my earliest opportunity. Usually within one week, occasionally a bit longer. If I have any questions, I'll ask. If not, we'll start negotiating towards a win-win arrangement.

Since the COIN program is on hold, this form is temporarily disabled.

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